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The Most Advanced Local SEO Course ..... You've Ever Seen!

Tired of seeing every course do the same? And you want CHANGE?

Introducing Advanced Local SEO Hacks:

The Best Local SEO Course in existence! 

Grow the geogrid rankings of your clients GMBs from RED to GREEN & get them in the map 3-pack! 

If you are tired of seeing the same standard courses that teach you about local SEO, we have the PERFECT solution! 

To help you achieve this, we have our own FB group and a FREE 1 hour 1-on-1 included.

You will learn our BIGGEST GMB SEO SECRETS  that have never been shared before and will increase all YOUR RANKINGS

Module 1: Course introduction

We will introduce you to the course & the entire experience 

Module 2: Ultimate PBN Guide

How to create a real Private Blog Network instead of Public blog network (3:10 hours excl instructional)

Module 3: Linkbuilding Guidelines

Introducing our advanced Link Building Guidelines we use in our SEO process  (0:53 hours)

Module 4: Advanced GMB SEO

Introducing our advanced Link Building Guidelines we use in our SEO process  (3:44 hours excl instructional)

Module 5: Bonus Module

40 days after enrollment to the course, you will get access to our Secret Bonus Module & Bonus Deals (1+ hour)

What will you learn in this course?

Module 2 - The Ultimate Guide to creating a Private Blog Network 

The Fundamental Setup Guide to PBNs

Introducing our full guidelines how to create a Private Blog Network that is really PRIVATE and not PUBLIC

Many SEO professionals make a recurring mistake in getting PBN links & also when creating them. We will show you how we do this better and will stay safe for longer periods of time.

This includes our "Fight Club" Rules of PBN Building, Local Sites PBN & 301 redirect strategies.

Expired Domain Research

Expired domain research is like a form of art, you can either make a piece of art or totally mess it up

Both in the presentation as well as in the instructional video we will explain how we find expired domains and filter out spammed to death sites and other sites which makes them unusable.

If you are able to create your own personal PBN Network you can heavily save on the costs of link building.

PBN Management

It is very painful when you create a PBN Network and soon after it gets taken down / penalized

With over 20 years of experience in building PBNs for ourselves and clients, we have mastered this skill and will show you our methods how we keep PBN networks safe for pretty munch perpetuity.

Module 3 - Link Building Guidelines

Link Building Guidelines

Even though a short module, it is a very important part of our SEO techniques for both Local as National SEO

Our Link Building Guidelines will give you new insights how you can rank better and OVEROPTIMIZE your Keywords  WITHOUT overoptimizing your Keywords. We will do this with 2 unique methods.

Clumsy Optimization

Another new SEO term introduced into Local SEO that will help you overcome the Keyword Overoptimization Problem

Overcoming the problem over keyword overoptimization by not doing the exact same as the herd.

Aside from avoiding overoptimization, you will be one of the few people that is optimized for this new method. 

Local Link Relevancy & Authority

Why for Local SEO it is important to focus on building more localized links 

Many SEOs make the mistake to focus only on domain metrics, and we believe that assumption is somewhat wrong. 

Module 4 - Advanced GMB SEO

Advanced GMB SEO

If you have optimized your GMB according to standard methods but you feel hitting a wall...

If the standard methods aren't getting your GMB Rankings moving then it is time for some good old Advanced GMB SEO! And a smile when you have found this course!

We will discuss our uniquely developed methods: GMB Battery Method, GMB External Authority Method, GMB Posting Optimization (GPO) and our Content Creation Strategies.

We will discuss everything concisely and to the point without any fluff filling!

GMB Battery Method

Pretend your GMB being a battery: to increase the longevity, you need to charge the battery's energy

A lot of money is wasted in Local SEO on buying more GMB Listings because the older ones got reported and taken down by Google.

Let's now propose you a different reality where you would invest time & effort in making the GMB Listings look as legitimate as possible so you would almost never get reported.

And if you do get reported, nothing happens as Google decides in your favour.

GMB External Authority Method

How you can leverage External Business & Institutional Authority to Increase the Authority of your own GMB Listing by association.

The GMB External Authority Method is the base layer of our GMB SEO process where we lay the foundation of seeds in our garden & sprinkle it with water so in the future it can grow green like a field of green grass.

It basically entails adding more authority to our GMB by terms of association.  

GMB Posting Optimization (GPO)

An often forgotten part of GMB SEO are the GMB Posts. We have developed and perfected this into a new method & structure that will heavily influence your new GMB SEO strategies.

The knowledge in this video is probably the most important part of the entire course as this shows you an entirely new perspective on GMB SEO, in specific, on a never deeply covered topic GMB Posting Optimization. We will explain the entire concept into details

This can make your Map rankings grow much harder than anything else as you have to realize most of your competition is not doing this so structured and optimized as you are now implementing. 

In this video we are solving many problems Local SEOs face in GMB Posts creation!

Content Creation Strategies

How you can lower the costs & time spend of creating (GMB) content

Here we discuss the different methods of content creation which includes using content briefs (and showing you how to create automated content briefs), as well as AI generated content. 

The main goal is to show you ways how to lower the costs of creating GMB Content and show you a way how you can create high-quality media for Local SEO.

Also explain how to create videos like this video

Everyone who buys the course will receive

FREE Unlimited Course Support +

FREE Lifetime Updates + FREE 1 hour 1-on-1 

We want you to succeed and rank higher in local SEO. 

What do other Top SEOs think of the course? 

The info contained in this one is great for anyone trying to piece together a reliable and effective SOP for ranking GMB's!

I've been fortunate enough to dive into The new Dr X GMB SEO course this past week. This offering is more diverse than the previous course but of the same high quality. 

The info contained in this one is great for anyone trying to piece together a reliable and effective SOP for ranking GMB's! 

Your organic rankings won't look too shabby either. Definitely worth investigating this new offering from DR X!

Paul Truscott
- GMB & SEO Expert

When it comes to local SEO, Xuezhi truly knows how to get results. 

When it comes to local SEO, Xuezhi truly knows how to get results.

He’s created a great course covering PBNs, Linkbuilding and Advanced GMB tactics.

There are gems in his course that will improve your SEO and are easy enough to start implementing right away and improve your local SEO.

Excellent purchase for this holiday season.

Dean Scaduto
- Owner Dino's Digital (NY Digital Marketing Agency)

This is a very comprehensive course which leads the students through each part of the course in an informal yet highly structured manner.

“I was recently asked to review a pre-release copy of the "Advanced Local SEO Hacks Course" written and Produced By Xuezhi Hu who is a highly experienced and knowledgable SEO expert.

The course is well put together, and even if you are a complete "Newbie" to SEO, you would be able to understand what is being taught and be able to take the appropriate actions as described in the course.

There are also many little snippets of pieces of information, which would be of use to an experienced SEO marketer. It certainly gave me a reminder of a few tactics which I had forgotten about and will be re-introduced into my own SEO Strategy going forward.

Overall I found the course to be extremely helpful and a very handy resource to keep to hand for future reference.

I am sure that everyone who completes this course will have gained a much better insight and understanding of the complexities of Search Engine Optimisation.

Geoff Lord
- owner of Habazar Internet Marketing (British Digital Marketing Agency)

DrX's course is a highly actionable and precise guide to making a serious impact with local SEO.

 We really enjoyed that points were backed up with online references, the usage of powerful graphical accompaniments and the overall emphasis on the importance of setting down the right foundations to ensure longevity.

This is a total game-changer in the fundamentals of local SEO, teaching us techniques that we otherwise never would have found.

This course is very helpful for anyone who is interested in SEO. 

Axel Guzman
- COO / serial entrepreneur Drawbotics & Mosaic (real estate SaaS companies)

The Result of Many Years of Testing

This course is the result of years of GMB Optimization, testing out different strategies & techniques to fine-tune it into simple to understand methods & techniques. 

We have had countless brainstorming sessions with our friends in the SEO world to develop these methods we now present in this course.

This is also the very best course I have ever created on Local SEO. In-depth, Concise & Powerful!

Made by REAL SEO Professionals

As many people know, I am from the real world of SEO. I understand you are often disappointed with courses that teach nothing new. I can guarantee you that some of our methods have never been taught before. 

We even introduce a new terminology into SEO: GMB Posting Optimization (GPO) that will be more used in the Future.

What are common problems in Local / GMB SEO?

  • Not able to rank higher: stuck at a certain position
  • Google Penalties for keyword overoptimiation
  • Why your high metric links are not pushing you higher
  • High Costs of content creation
  • PBN Links not working
  • Doing the same things as the competition, being the follower
  • No clue why other people rank better & higher than you 
  • Under-optimized GMB Listings
  • Images and videos are just standard
  • Not able to find good expired domains
  • PBN Networks getting penalized by Google
  • Under-optimized GMB Listings
  • GMB Listings constantly getting reported & taken down

The Solution:

Do you want to be able to know....

 A Way That  Makes Your GMB Looks more legitimate?

Uniquely Avoid Keyword Overoptimization 

Why Link Metrics Are No Longer Important

How To Keep Your PBN Network Safe Forever 

How To Keep Your GMB Listings Safe As Well 

Increase Map Rankings with GMB On-Page SEO

How To Lower The Costs of GMB Content

Implement New Technique GMB Posting Optimization

How To Easily Create Stunning Videos Like These

Also, I think we have the best graphics of any Local SEO Course out there :) 

And  40 Days After Course Enrollment


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Advanced Local SEO Hacks Course + 12 extra hours consulting

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Advanced Local SEO Hacks Course + 5 extra hours consulting

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30 days money back guarantee

Secure Payment

Xuezhi Hu
(a.k.a Dr.X SEO)

Creator of Advanced Local SEO Hacks Course

About the Author

Even though I have a Master's degree in Investment Analysis I decided to follow my real passion & my side hustle as a student, which was SEO. After more than 10 years of experience I decided to share it all with the world. 

The previous course which was released in 2020 was the most groundbreaking course in Local CTR SEO. This year's course is the advancement of technical GMB SEO, an area that is often forgotten in Local SEO.

I created my course to help out the many people who want to learn more advanced local seo techniques and are stuck in the current situation but cannot find anything that can help them. 

What you will LEARN in this course?

What if I have difficulties with the course?

  • You will have a 30 day money back guarantee so if this course is not for you, you can simply ask for a refund
  • You will receive FREE Lifetime Course support, so if you have any questions, now or in the future, they will be answered. 
  • You also will have access to the private Facebook group so you can also find answers to previously asked questions
  • We will also plan every 6-8  weeks a Group Video Call so we can discuss all problems and successes together.
  • Every course buyer will receive a free one hour 1-on-1 with me personally 
  • By joining the Facebook group you will increase your network in the world of SEO

Learn techniques that many SEO Pros arent doing yet...

The techniques in this course are known & implemented by a small amount of SEO Professionals, you can gain a strong competitive advantage over them by learning and implementing techniques from this course including our GMB External Authority method that focuses on leveraging the authority of external entities to your GMB.

The GMB Posting Optimization (GPO) Guide will fully explain how to structure and optimize your GMB Post into different structures, schedules and setups that will fully 

For who is this course perfect for?

Anyone who wants to succeed in Local SEO, from agency owners, freelancers and aspiring SEO professionals who are on a learning path to success!

The techniques in this course will strongly increase your in-depth knowledge in Local SEO which have not been taught by anyone else. You will have a competitive advantage over your competition.

This course is for

  • Everyone who wants to learn MORE about GMB & Local SEO
  • Learn New techniques no one has EVER taught in any Local SEO Course
  • Everyone who wants to RANK faster & BEAT the competition
  • This works both for Local SEO clients and Rank and Rent

This course is not for

  • Total beginners, you need a little bit of understanding of GMB SEO
  • Magic bullet seekers, you do need to do effort to achieve anything in SEO. 

Here's What You Get when you buy our Course

  • Unlimited Course Support
  • Free Lifetime Updates
  • Free access to Membership Facebook Group
  • Free 1 hour 1-on-1 worth $300
  • 40 Days after Enrollment, Access to BONUS Module
  • Amazing Bonuses

30 days money back guarantee

Secure Payment